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2019 Mixer League Rules
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2019 Mixer League rules for Scrambles

1. Each team must have 3 or 4 players. Two player teams not allowed.
2. Each player tees off. Pick best drive and each player hits from that same spot.
3. Each ball must be placed within 1 club length of the marked spot. No closer to the hole.
4. If the marked ball is in a hazard, all shots must be taken from that hazard.
5. When putting, each ball must be played within 3 inches of the marked spot. No closer to the hole.
6. Continue in this manner until holed out.
7. Each player's tee shot must be used at least once.
8. In the case of a 3 player team, the team can take a fourth shot from the marked spot. This includes putts.
The person hitting two shots can not do so consecutively. The fourth shot must be rotated through the team.
The rotation should be set at the beginning of the round and remain constant.

2019 Mixer League Rules (for non Scramble events)

1 The ball may be rolled over with the head of the club anywhere except the sand traps.
2 Hit the wrong ball. Replace as near as possible no penalty
3 Lost ball: Drop as near as possible to where it went out. 1 stroke penalty.
4 Ball out of bounds: You do not have to hit a provisional. Take a drop where it went out of bounds 3 club lengths. 1 stroke penalty.
5 Hole #4. Play ball where it lands. Ball in water or down the hill: take a 1 stroke penalty and use island drop zone. Ball in woods: treat as out of bounds.
If ball lands on the rocks or edge of barrier: move to closest point of relief no closer to hole. No penalty.
6 Maximum strokes per hole: 9

Rich Kowalski
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